Small Claims: My Little Trials in Life

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Down East Books, 1 בינו 2003 - 199 עמודים
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Watching the great Bill Russell be told that he couldn't play at a famous New England golf club; leaving Kermit the Frog in a house of ill repute in Mississippi; and poaching The Nature Conservancy's biggest donor's birds hunting in Georgia are just a few of the embarrassing, hilarious, and unpredictable moments that David Morine recounts in Small Claims, his latest book.

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אודות המחבר (2003)

Morine graduated from Amherst and received an MBA from Darden Business School. He worked in recreational real estate development until 1972. From 1973-88 he served as the vice president for land acquistions for The Nature Conservancy at its national headquarters in Arlington, VA.

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